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The Luxembourg Red Cross The mission of the Luxembourg Red Cross is to “improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable elements in society.” Thousands of volunteers and over 1,900 professionals make it a major player in the areas of health, youth, social work, and humanitarian action. More infos

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Passion. What are you passionate about?

At fast, we're passionate about helping people achieve their life goals.

For the 100th anniversary of the Croix Rouge, we will ask 100 HR professionals in Luxembourg to get involved with us and donate to the Croix Rouge.

Our target is not a number of euros, our target is human; simply to reach out to 100 HR people. Nonetheless, we will start the ball rolling by donating 100 euros ourselves.

Also, for the 100th anniversary of the Croix Rouge, we would like 100 people to show everyone how much they support the Croix Rouge, by posting a selfie with a big red cross!

Publish your selfie on our Facebook page -fast training Luxembourg-
Post it on Twitter and don’t forget to #tag us!


So let's start this together, and see what we can achieve!

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