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Challenge100 2014,

My "Challenge 100" for the 100th anniversary of the Luxembourg Red Cross?
Participating in the 100x100x100 Red Cross Cycling event on the 10th of May 2014.

Why you should, could, must support this challenge?
First of all it is the Red Cross - Doing great work in Luxembourg and abroad! And because I got the comment "You!? Cycling 100 km in a row!? - Are you kidding!?" NO I'm not kidding and YES I can do it! So I will do it and hopefully with your support!

Donations are processed through Alvarum. It is very easy and 100% secure.

Thank you for your help and support!


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The Luxembourg Red Cross The mission of the Luxembourg Red Cross is to “improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable elements in society.” Thousands of volunteers and over 1,900 professionals make it a major player in the areas of health, youth, social work, and humanitarian action. More infos http://www.croix-rouge.lu/